Saturday, December 1, 2018


Join us  Dec 31st for our 
NYE Celebration. 

The menu is three courses with surprises at 
$90 per person. Includes Housemade Digetifs.

Smoke Salmon, Crostini w/ Tobiko Roe, Mascarpone
Insalata Tricolore: Radicchio, Endive, Arugula w/ Marinated Artichokes 
Beef Filet  Carpaccio, Arugula,Fried Capers, Roasted Peppers, Grana Padano
Squid Ink  Polenta Cake , Chopped Shrimp, Marscapone  
Thinly Sliced Porchetta, Perlage Truffle Caviar, Grisini   
Di Stefano Burrata di Panna, Prosciutto Di San Daniele, Tondo Sicilian EVOO,
Arancini: Fried Risotto Stuffed Mozzarella, Aioli

Breaded Veal Cutlet, Cacciacavolo, Lemon-Piccata, Arugula
Braised Pork Osso Buco, Garlic Potato Puree, Winter Vegetables , Pork Sugo
Eggplant Parmigiana,Burrata, Parmigiano Reggiano, Sauteed Spinach
Butternut Squash Gnocchi, Chopped Zucchini Caponata, Marscapone Bechamel
Linguine w/ Manila Clams,  Eggplant,Squid Ink Sugo 
Pan Seared Trout, Manila Clams, White Wine Garlic Sugo w/ Chopped Eggplant
Seafood Stew: PEI Mussels, Bay Scallops, Prawns, Calamari, Manila Clams

Panna Cotta
Pistacchio Gelato
Lemon Sorbet

-Housemade  Digestifs Green Fernet (Centerbe), Limoncello and Orangecello, Nocillo

The late Seating: 9:30,10,10:30
We will feature party favors, countdown, and prosecco and our house Dj Tatsuro.  Reservations are recommended.

Theme: Retro Dolce Vita

Arrive before your reservation and join us at our new hole  in the wall venture..... Osteria Bella Vermouth wine bar located next door to Bella Trattoria. Reservations for bar are required. For bar reservations email us at

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Introducing Our New Gastropub......Osteria Bella

Osteria Bella opened its doors mid 2017. The Osteria is an Italian gastropub located next door to Bella Trattoria that features a casual, relaxed wine bar with pool table and 10 tap draught system.

The Osteria features:
-A Private dinning room with seating up to 30 people
-Social Bar/ Counter Seating
-Co2/Nitro 10 tap Draught System
-Rotating Wine Menu with a focus on Vermouth
-Italian Gastropub Menu that focuses on Southern Italian comfort cuisine.
-Sunday Brunch Menu

The Osteria is open  for lunch and dinner 5 days a week:
Wednesday   11am-10pm
Thursday      11am-10pm
Friday          11am-11pm
Saturday      12pm-11pm
Sunday        12pm-10pm

                                             (Private dinning room that seats up to 30 people)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Mix is On at Bella Trattoria

Vermouth an Italian Tradition

Vermouth a fortified wine flavored with aromatic herbs and spices such as cardamom and chamomile. It was created by Antonio Carpano in the late 18th century as a tonic drink to be consumed for the healing herbs that went into its creation. In Italy, Vermouth is consumed as an aperitif and at Bella; we invite you to enjoy our Vermouth mixology either on the rocks or as a mixed cocktail. Salute!

Types & Brands

 BIANCO  BIitter Sweet White Vermouth  
 ROSSO   Rich and Herbal, Red Vermouth  
 ROSATO  Pink Vermouth w/ Raspberry & Pomegranite Notes 
 SECCO    Dry Vermouth  
 PUNT E MES One Point Sweetness and Half Bitterness  
 CARPANO ANTICA The Original Recipe    

NEGRONI SBAGLIATO Martini Rosso, Spumante, Orange   
SPRITZ Capeletti Biter, Prosecco, Soda & Orange Twist
IL GINGER  Dry Vermouth, Ginger Ale, Fresh Lime 
ESPAƑOL Rosso, Coca Cola, with Fresh Lime 
            La BURCIAGA Procecco w/ Elderflower & Soda